About the artist

Gerasimov Mikhail Viktorovich.

Born in 1987, the city of Kovrov, Vladimir region.

Member of the Union of Artists since 2016

Member of the creative association “Artnavis”.

Graduate of the workshop Konotopova V.G.


  • G. Kovrov, school number 17, a class of an experimental program in the art of the ShAH. Teacher Yurko M.M.
  • SHRU. Painting department, 2004-2007
  • VlSU. Department of HCG, 2007-2012
  • The constant participant of city, regional, regional, All-Russian and foreign exhibitions.

The author’s works are in private collections in Russia, Switzerland, Finland, Latvia, USA, Germany, France, England.

«Who am I. I am my interests. Interest drives me. Questions are born. And, as you see, questions in art excite me very deeply. The tool of expression is color. For me, this is a method of comprehending everything that is around me. Through the way that I go,  goes my painting. This is a full feeling. And the most interesting thing is that you find the universe within yourself. It feels like an infinity sign. And in the center is the man. Outer and inner universe.
The world around us is in many ways completely different and different from the way we present it. And when you just touch the boundless, you feel yourself a part of it. In many ways I live in feelings. Sincerity is my goal»