Artist Mikhail Gerasimov teaches children to engage in dialogue with nature

Articles December 18, 2019

Sitting down at the easel with the student, he seems to forget about what is happening outside the walls of the art school. For two years, the young artist Mikhail Gerasimov has been teaching here. In his classes, children of eight years are replaced by adolescents. And with each – a deep study of all the details of the future picture. From the smallest flare to the folds of drapery. They say about Mikhail Gerasimov: children attend his classes with special interest. According to Mikhail, all working methods were invented many years ago. The most important thing to learn is not to copy the teacher, but to peer and see for yourself.

— In children, and in people in general, in ourselves, you need to rekindle this excitement of searching for color, shape, and depth, so that it is very interesting for yourself. Probably the most difficult thing for me is to start this process with the children so that they have this excitement, ”says Mikhail Gerasimov, artist, teacher of the children’s art school.

Children force you to work on yourself, you do not have the right to lie with them, ”the artist shares and admits: starting to teach, he was afraid that there would be no time left for creativity. It turned out that everything is quite successfully combined. Everywhere, Mikhail carries a notebook with him and devotes his sketches to any free minute.

— It turns out a lot, a lot of different handwriting, very fast, very, perhaps, somewhere sketchy, rude, but they have such an impression of that place. Maybe it’s some kind of shadow, maybe some kind of house lit. This is a very spectacular condition, – Michael shows his album.

Great work is born out of pencil sketches. About a dozen images of one house on the Letne-Perevozinskaya street. One of the options in color is already hanging in the workshop of Mikhail Gerasimov. In Vladimir, he has many favorite places. There he is ready to return for years, stand with an easel, listen to himself, delving into colors and shapes, the play of light and shadow.

— When you stand on the street you work, you work roughly, but these subtle sensations are absent. And when you begin to fall into the subtleties of color, into the subtleties of form, into the depth, you have a feeling that you touch these houses, trees, and you touch this sun. And there is a dialogue, the energy message is very powerful. For the sake of such moments, they write big and small works. In principle, I live for these sensations, ”says Mikhail Gerasimov, sitting in his workshop.

This summer, Mikhail Gerasimov left for a month to live in the village. He wrote a lot from nature, not being afraid that the work would turn out to be weak. The result of village creativity is several street still lifes, where the liveliness of nature is adjacent to static objects.

— The feeling of the landscape is very lively, spatial, no walls. I write on the street, I don’t really like walls, so it’s a bit crowded in the workshop, there’s no scope, expanse, ”says Mikhail, showing his paintings painted in the summer.

At the Suzdal restoration school Mikhail Gerasimov was taught to feel the world around and transmit it on the canvases. Favorite master – artist Vyacheslav Konotopov, with whom graduates communicate to this day. His portrait adorns the workshop of Michael. It was from him that young artists adopted the habit of working in any conditions, in any weather. And already for his students, Mikhail deduced another formula: the teacher may also be wrong, and there is nothing shameful if the student sometimes argues with him.

— Especially when you start to draw from nature with little ones, in the first lessons they find colors that really exist in nature, they find them very loud, beautifully. Sometimes I fight over these colors in the open air, I come and take several sessions, fight over these color relationships for several weeks, and they can get this in two hours, in an hour. Very interesting, ”says Mikhail.

The young teacher plans to do some work and place them at school. And to show not the finished pictures, but the process of their creation. Perhaps this will help children better imagine what an artist’s work is.

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