N.I. Savastyanova — art critic. Senior Researcher, State Vladimir-Suzdal Museum-Reserve

Reviews December 18, 2019

Mikhail Viktorovich Gerasimov – artist-painter. City ​​Vladimir

1987 – born in Kovrov, Vladimir Region.

2007 – graduated from the Suzdal Art and Restoration School.

Workshop Konotopova V.G.

2012 – graduated from the Faculty of Art and Graphics of VLGU.

2016 – Member of the Union of Artists of Russia.

Mikhail Gerasimov is a young Vladimir painter, a member of the Artnavis creative association, a member of the Union of Artists of Russia. The works of the representatives of the Artnavis association have a common artistic orientation. The main theme of the works of this creative group is the life of the Vladimir region, in all its manifestations, its people, urban motifs, landscapes.

Mikhail Gerasimov is one of the leaders of the Artnavis association. The artist lives in a world of creativity, immersed in it, endlessly admiring him. The early works of Mikhail Gerasimov are characterized by careful study and significant completeness. Gradually, with the acquisition of experience and an independent creative position, redundant details leave his works.

The artist himself characterizes the direction of his painting as “impressionism.” And it’s hard to disagree. Most of his works were performed in the vein of emotionally-sensual color improvisations. The molding of volumes in these works takes place with dense and dynamic color strokes — these are the rhythms of colorful spots laid on the canvas vigorously and strongly. But, despite the emotionality, the artist’s works never lose touch with life, they are graphic, realistic, preserve the materiality and structure of things.

An important role in the figurative system of paintings by Mikhail Gerasimov is played by their pictorial matter. It is active, tangible and is an important part of the emotional content of the work. The color tonality, rhythm and nature of the picturesque texture help to create one or another intonation, evoke emotions leading to a vivid feeling and experience.

The work of Mikhail Gerasimov is a new revelation in the art of Vladimir, talented, deep and sincere.

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